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Maricopa Center

Education, mentoring, material resources, free pregnancy testing, and community resource referrals.


A Safe Haven for Women

Hope Women’s Center is combining with A Heart for You Pregnancy Center to open a Hope Women’s Center Maricopa!

A Heart for You Pregnancy Center has been serving the Maricopa Community for many years providing free pregnancy testing and support to women and teens with unplanned pregnancy. As they have seen the needs of the women and teens in the community change and increase to need more services related to domestic violence support, mental health, family conflict, single parenting, job readiness, etc, they are combining with Hope Women’s Center to offer a wider range of services for women and teen girls in the community.

Hope Women’s Center Maricopa will offer a wholistic program that seeks to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the women and teen girls in the community. All programs are free and include life skills education, mentoring, support groups, pregnancy testing and support, material resources, and a program specific to birth moms whose children are in foster care or at risk of foster care involvement.

Before opening as Hope Women’s Center Maricopa we are looking for a donated space or low cost lease where we can hold classes, support groups, etc, and serve the community.

We need YOU! Do you have a heart for serving women and children in need in our community? Do you have property you would be willing to let Hope Women’s Center Maricopa use? Are you willing to financially partner with us to launch this center? If yes to any of the above, please contact us at 520-568-0532!

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We seek to build trusting relationships with our clients through ongoing mentoring and support groups, through participation in our Education Program and through other community outreach events.