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Parent University

We care about the happiness of your family. Let us help.


Helping Families Thrive

Creating a healing environment.

Hope Women’s Center is committed to seeing families thrive. They have partnered together to create the “Hope Initiative for Healthy Families” also known as “Parent University”!

The family must first be whole emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. The Hope Initiative for Healthy Families/“Parent University” provides holistic support to women whose children are at risk of entering the foster care system or are currently in the foster care system.

Client J

“This program helped give me hope! I have made positive changes in my life and am working on re-unifying with my children.”

Client R

“This program helped give me hope during a heartbreaking time. My mentor was by my side through everything and helped me get organized and more knowledgeable about each phase of my DCS case.”

We Partner with Trusted Programs

Creating a healing environment.

Johanna Richards, staff of Foster Care Initiatives, partners with us in our Hope Initiative for Healthy Families program as our on-site Program Coordinator. Johanna works with birth moms whose children are in foster care or are at risk of Department of Child Safety (DCS) intervention.

Johanna has many years of experience in case management and working with vulnerable populations both in the U.S. and overseas. She is active in her local church fellowship, Missio Dei Communities.


We're Ready to Serve

We seek to build trusting relationships with our clients through ongoing mentoring and support groups, through participation in our Education Program and through other community outreach events.