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Our Staff

Our caring staff members give of their time and love to lift the lives of their clients

Tammy 4

Tammy Abernethy

Executive Director/CEO

Location: All Centers
Phone:(602) 715-0999

Tammy Abernethy joined Hope Women's Center as the Executive Director in 2013.  Prior to that time she served as Executive Director of Steps of Faith, a ministry to women and families facing unplanned pregnancy, which merged with Hope Women's Center in 2013.Tammy obtained her Bachelors Degree in Political Science & Economics, and spent many years working in both corporate & non-profit administration, including several years serving internationally.  Having raised her children as a single mother, Tammy understands the fears, insecurities, and hopelessness that parenting in crisis can bring. While she has been blessed to parent within a community of friends, family, and faith, her heart was burdened for women & families that were doing this alone – without community, healing from painful relationships, or an understanding of resources available to help.   Tammy is passionate about the mission of Hope Women's Center in ministering to women and teens facing any difficult life situation (unplanned pregnancy, abuse, domestic violence, single parenting, poverty, etc) to engage, to encourage, to equip, to love unconditionally, and to give them the tools to make positive life changes - a transformation from the inside out.

Tammy and her family attend Camelback Bible Church. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her two adult children, serving in the women's ministry at her church, reading, cooking, and hiking in our beautiful Arizona desert.

Bertha 1

Bertha Alvarez

SR. Mentor/Spanish Program Coordinator

Location: Apache Junction & Phoenix
Email: bertha@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: 480-983-4673 AJ & 602-715-0999 PHX

Bertha Alvarez serves as our bi-lingual Senior Mentor and Spanish Program Coordinator. She has been with Hope Women's Center since 2007. Prior to her time at Hope Women's Center, Bertha served as a Case Manager and Client Advocate at a domestic violence shelter in California. Bertha has an Associates Degree in Arts & Sciences, and graduate studies in Biblical Ministry.  Bertha is a leader in the local Hispanic Christian women's community, has a weekly radio show, and travels and speaks frequently at retreats and churches across Arizona, California, and Mexico. Bertha is passionate about bringing hope and healing to women through our mentoring programs. In addition to training all of our mentor volunteers, Bertha leads several support groups on abuse recovery at our centers.

Bertha and her family attend Fuente de Vida church and in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at her church, and leading several missions opportunities in Mexico.



Caitlin Arnold

Children's Program Coordinator

Location: Phoenix
Email: caitlin@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: (602) 715-0999

Caitlin is newly married and recently re-located to Phoenix from Texas. She and her husband attend Mercy Hill Church in Phoenix where her husband also serves on staff. Back in Texas, Caitlin was a waitress putting herself through college and knew she wanted something more when she came to Phoenix. She prayed that the Lord would not only provide a job, but one that helped others. She was told about Hope Women's Center by another staff member who is also a part of Mercy Hill Church! In her free time, Caitlin enjoys reading, painting and being outdoors with her husband and her dog Leia.

Caitlin loves children and says that even though her job is to make the kids in our program feel happy and loved,  they've done that and more for her!  One thing she loves about serving at Hope is being able to witness God working through the hearts of not only the clients, but also of the staff, and being able to bring joy to others.

We are so grateful to have Caitlin on the team as she joyfully serves in our Children's Program each day!


Vanessa Behrens

Center Manager- Maricopa

Location: Maricopa Center
Email: vanessa@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: (520) 568-0532

Vanessa will be joining the staff of Hope Women's Center as we open our Maricopa Center!

For many years Vanessa served as Director of A Heart for You Pregnancy Center in Maricopa. During that time Vanessa and her team saw greater needs for women and teens in their community that encompassed far more than just unplanned pregnancy resources. She was introduced to Hope Women's Center's mission and vision and felt that model would meet the needs she was seeing in Maricopa. A Heart for You merged with Hope Women's Center in 2017 to become Hope Women's Center - Maricopa, opening in a new location later this year!

Vanessa's passion for helping women started over 30 years ago as a children and women's advocate for the YWCA, leading support groups for sexual assault and domestic violence victims.

Over the past 20 years Vanessa and her husband have taught couples Bible studies, and Vanessa has led women's groups. They currently homeschool their 5 children and lead the jr high and high school ministry at Calvary Chapel, Maricopa. In her free time, Vanessa enjoys spending time with family, taking trips back to Iowa to be with her extended family, and coffee dates with over 60 different Maricopa women waiting for Hope Women's Center - Maricopa to open!
Vanessa says she loves Hope Women's Center because she can take all she has learned about advocating for women and teens and all she has learned through her personal Christian journey and use those things to serve her own beloved community of Maricopa. She cherishes the support she has received and hopes to come alongside each woman and teen girl to meet her physically, emotionally and spiritually.



Karla Cox

Administrative Assistant - PHX

Location: Phoenix Center
Email: karla@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: 602-715-0999

Karla joined the Hope Women's Center Team in the Fall of 2016 as our bi-lingual Administrative Assistant for our Phoenix Center! Karla and her husband Anthony are active at Mercy Hill Church in downtown Phoenix where her husband serves as Lead Pastor. Karla and Anthony have 3 amazing boys and love living and serving in Phoenix! We are grateful for her heart to serve women and children in our community!


Tiffany 1

Tiffany DelHousaye

Director of Partner & Community Engagement

Location: All Centers
Email: tiffany@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: 602-715-0999

After serving for several years as the Center Manager of our Phoenix Center, Tiffany transitioned into a ministry-wide role as Director of Partner and Community Engagement in May of 2017. Before joining the team at Hope Women's Center, Tiffany was a speech language pathologist and served in various ministry positions from 2001-present. With a B.S. in Speech and Hearing Disorders from Arizona State University and graduate studies in Communication Disorders (Cal State LA) and Christian Counseling (Phoenix Seminary), Tiffany brings a wealth of experience to the ministry. Tiffany was initially drawn to Hope Women's Center in a volunteer capacity via our Phoenix Center (formally Steps of Faith). In her words: "I experienced the challenges of motherhood with my own three children. I was blessed to have an amazing support network and the material means to care for my children and I was in awe of how so many women were managing often on their own and with meager resources. I wanted to help those who felt there was no hope in this seemingly insurmountable task. I wanted to extend the grace to others which had been given to me."

Tiffany and her family attend Redemption Alhambra Church.


Jolyn Logan

Center Manager - Coolidge

Location: Coolidge Center
Email: jolyn@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: 520-723-8888

Jolyn Logan began volunteering with Hope Women's Center in 2012 and joined our team as Center Manager of our Coolidge Center when we opened that center in 2013. She and her family moved to Arizona several years ago from Illinois. Prior to joining Hope Women's Center, Jolyn worked for many years in business accounting and human resources. Jolyn has been married to her best friend Ben for more than 35 years and they have two married sons and two beautiful granddaughters!

Jolyn and her husband attend Lifepoint Church. In her free time, Jolyn enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying her granddaughters, and mentoring women.



Eliana Meissner

Program Support Coordinator

Location: All Centers
Email: eliana@hopewomenscenter.org

Eliana started as an intern at Hope's Phoenix Center in the summer of 2015. Since then, she has graduated with a degree in Spanish and Intercultural studies and is now back serving as the Program Support Coordinator. Eliana spends her days at Hope helping out at the front desk in our Phoenix Center, welcoming new clients, interpreting classes, entering data into the databases, and finding new programs to launch to enhance the ministry! Of all the things she does, Eliana most loves sitting at the front desk and chatting with the clients about their lives. She also gets plenty of life advice from the ladies!
 Eliana is a newlywed and she and her husband Nathan are actively involved at Redemption Tempe. They would like to spend their weekends hiking with their dog, Anabelle, but Saturdays are usually spent making pancakes and doing laundry!

Jenel Moline

Center Manager - Apache Junction

Location: Apache Junction

Jenel Moline joined our team in 2012 and is the Center Manager at Hope Women's Center in Apache Junction. Jenel says she truly felt God's leading to come to HWC from the very first phone call to learn about the ministry! Jenel has a BA in Social Work from Salisbury University and has more than 25 years in ministry, having served with Stonecroft Ministries for 20 years, IMAGO DEI, an inner city arts ministry for 3 years and for the last several years with Hope Women’s Center.

Jenel attends Red Mountain Community Church in Mesa. In her free time, Jenel enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading and traveling ... and would like to figure out how to do all four at the same time!


Megan Morgan

Center Manager- West Valley

Location: West Valley Center
Phone: 623-875-4549

Megan joined our team as the Center Manager of our Hope Women's Center - West Valley location in Fall 2017. For several years, Megan has served as a Pregnancy & Adoption Counselor with Christian Family Care. Megan has a Master's degree in counseling, and a huge heart for working with women in crisis situations, including those with unplanned pregnancy. Her desire to see Christ centered services available to women in the West Valley led her to Hope Women's Center.  Megan and her husband have three small children and attend West Valley Bible Church, one of our key church partners. If there are any spare minutes left in the day of a busy working mom, then Megan enjoys reading and hiking!

Her favorite thing about serving at Hope Women's Center is connecting amazing, gifted, and passionate volunteers with opportunities to serve women in the West Valley with the love of Christ.


Kandi Pacheco

Executive Assistant

Location: Executive Office
Email: office@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: 480-982-1566

Kandi Pacheco joined our team in October 2014. Kandi says there has always been a great tugging in her heart for women, especially women that find themselves in situations they had not planned for. She can relate to them since she found herself with an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 16. She says she was so scared of people’s reaction, scared for her future, and scared for the baby and the life he may have. Although she didn’t feel she had a place to go like Hope Women's Center, she did have great support from the baby’s father and they have been together for over 25 years.  Through the years, Kandi and her husband have been foster parents and youth leaders, and Kandi has been a women’s ministry leader. They share four amazing children together. Kandi says she has a heart to help raise women up out of their trials and circumstances and help them understand who they are in God’s eyes - to be a part of helping them become the greatest mother, wife, friend and “whole” person that they can possibly be. Kandi said God led her straight through the doors of Hope Women's Center and she loved the heart and vision of our ministry the moment she stepped into one of our centers.

Kandi and her husband attend Rock Point Church and they love spending their days camping, hiking, watching football and enjoying their children and grandchildren.


Marybeth Steigenga, Ph.D.

Center Manager- PHX

Location: Phoenix Center
Email: marybeth@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: (602) 715-0999

Marybeth joined our Phoenix Center in 2017 as our Phoenix Center Manager. She felt God led her to Hope during a Pro Grace training she attended at our Phoenix Center where she felt Him calling her to come and be part of the mission and vision of Hope Women's Center.  Next thing she knew, He had opened the doors for her to join the staff!  Marybeth is passionate about helping women become who God created them to be and serving and supporting women and families in crisis. She has her doctorate in Counseling with a specialization in Trauma and before coming to Hope, spent several years on staff with Christian Family Care as the Birth Parent Support Services Supervisor. Marybeth says, "I love almost everything about working at Hope.  The women touch my heart, the kids make me smile, the volunteers are amazing and I get to be part of team of awesome women who love and serve God."

Marybeth and her husband Matt have 3 children, 5 dogs, and 4 cats! They attend New Valley Church in Chandler and in her free time Marybeth enjoys reading!


Cecilia Voron

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Location: Apache Junction
Email: admin@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: 480-983-4673

Cecilia Voron is the Bi-lingual Administrative Assistant in Apache Junction and the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Offices. She received a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Texas at Austin in 1989. After three years working as a certified Speech Pathologist, she transitioned into the role of a full time stay-at-home mom. She has spent the last 16 years homeschooling her four girls and has enjoyed seeing them transform into young ladies. Cecilia was a volunteer at Hope Women's Center - Apache Junction for a season before joining the staff in 2013. Cecilia's administrative and organizational skills are a gift to our ministry!

Cecilia has been married to her best friend Dan for over 25 years and has been attending Sovereign Grace Church for about the same amount of time. When not working or taking care of her home, Cecilia enjoys reading, quilting, crocheting, and relaxing with her family.


Mariana Walters

Director Of Events

Location: All Centers
Email: mariana@hopewomenscenter.org
Phone: 602-715-0999

After serving at Hope for several years as a volunteer, Mariana joined the Hope Women's Center Team in 2017 as our Director of Events.

In addition to being a small business owner and busy mom of three, Mariana has extensive experience in event planning and fundraising in the non-profit world. We are grateful for her passion for our mission and her heart to see women and teen's lives transformed!

Mariana and her family currently attend Redemption Arcadia Church.

"The Coolidge Center was opened in July of 2013 and it is truly a blessing to serve the ladies in our community.  I love being able to share Jesus with every lady that walks through our door."

"I love the women and children we serve. They are beautiful inside and out and their joy, despite their circumstances, never ceases to amaze me. The gift I receive by being able to watch their lives transform on a daily basis because of their surrender to God and the true love they are experiencing often for the first time in their lives is priceless."

"At Hope Women’s Center, women and young ladies have the opportunity to give and to receive. Clients, volunteers, and staff alike share their lives in a nonthreatening environment where the goal is to have Christ at the center."

We're Ready to Serve

We seek to build trusting relationships with our clients through ongoing mentoring and support groups, through participation in our Education Program and through other community outreach events.